Underwear Kits

We believe that once you have found your perfect T-shirt, tank top or underwear, you want to easily order it again at any given time. The Underwear Kits allow you to compose them as you want - all the same, all different or anything in between.


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RON DORFF Y-Front Briefs Kit RON DORFF Y-Front Briefs Kit
747 Y-Front Briefs Kit
Sale price216€ Regular price252€
747 Boxer Briefs Kit
Sale price228€ Regular price266€
747 Boxer Shorts Kit
Sale price252€ Regular price294€
RON DORFF Boxer Briefs Kit RON DORFF Boxer Briefs Kit
Y-Front Briefs Weekend Kit
Sale price95€ Regular price108€
Boxer Briefs Weekend Kit
Sale price98€ Regular price114€
T-Shirt Weekend Kit
Sale price185€ Regular price225€
Tank Top Weekend Kit
Sale price115€ Regular price135€

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